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[Danny/Flack] Prompt table from csi50

Prompts Set #1 - General

So, I saw these prompt tables over at csi50 , and thought it would be fun to write Flack/Messer fics in response to each of the fifty prompts below. I'm thinking each one should be pretty much stand-alone, one-shots (although #33 "Regret"and #11 "Colorful" are sort of companion fics). Twelve so far... :)
001.crime scene002.forensics003.microscope004.love005.lust
046.vehicle047.fireworks048.sex049.religion050.writer's choice

tophatdance 2

"Regret" [flack/messer]

Title: Regret
Pairing: Danny/Lindsay, sort of. Danny/Flack hopeful, I guess.
Spoilers: Spoilers for 3 x 24 "Snow Day".
Warning: Blood and angst.
Prompt: #33, regret, from the csi50 table.
Notes: This story's alternative ending is "Colorful".
Summary: "Got what ya wanted, didn'tya, Montana? Yer fuckin' snowday."

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tophatdance 2

25. "Cigarettes" [flack/messer]

Author: [info]tophatdance
Title: "Cigarettes"
Pairing: Flack/Messer
Spoilers: Spoilers for 1 x 13 "Tanglewood".
Prompt: #25, smell, from the
table off of csi50. Also inspired by this E. E. Cumming poem.
Summary: "And when Louie did finally show up at the schoolyard, Danny knew he had been with Sonny because he smelled like cigarettes again, and the car's a/c blew stale smoke the rest of the way home."

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tophatdance 2

14. "Integrity" [flack/messer]

Title: Integrity
Rating: PG. A hint of Flack/Mess, if you squint. Make it out to be whatever you like.
Spoilers: Spoilers for 3 x 8 "Consequences", and set before 3 x 10 "Sweet 16".
Prompt: Written for #14, truth , from csi50's first prompt
Summary: Integrity, and how Danny and Flack come to realize what it means.

*   *   *
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